Licensed by the Commission for
Independent Education License #2829


As one of the fastest growing occupations in healthcare, Nursing Assistance is a great first step for any individual pursuing further education or an immediate career. In as little as five weeks, our graduates are usually certified, employed and receiving excellent pay and benefits packages. What a great opportunity!

Day classes meet:
Monday through Friday.  
Class times are 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Night classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday. 
Class times are 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm M-Th; full day Saturday. 

**Please note night classes are 5 weeks long

Daily independent activities and selected clinical dates are scheduled at the instructor’s discretion, when needed.

We at Affordable Training would just like to remind everyone that we are actually a REAL CNA school........we are 4 weeks long and 120 hours, Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education and approved by the Florida Board of Nursing..... you will learn all the skills and written/book  for the CNA state exam as well as get a REAL book ....REMEMBER FASTER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER....

We pride ourselves in knowing that our CNA students pass the state exam with flying colors and not by the skin of their teeth! We are also an approved testing site so you will take you state exam in a familiar setting......all the things that come with our class are as follows:

** Book, Registration Fee, Tuition

** 120 hour Certificate of Completion

** 4 hour HIV/Aids Certificate

** 4 hour Alzheimer’s Certificate

** 1 hour HIPAA Certificate (the privacy act)

** 1 hour Domestic Violence Certificate

** 1 hour Epilepsy Certificate

** 2 hour Medical Error Prevention Certificate

** CPR and First Aid

** 1 Hour Residents Rights Course Certificate

** 12 Hour CNA Documentation Certificate

We are VERY hands on with small classes!!! 

We encourage you to come and practice after class is over until your state test(which is very soon after class is over!)………you are welcome to come back anytime!!!! 







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